Send Nauta Top-ups to Cuba from any part of the world

With Hablax you have the possibility to always stay in touch with your friends and family, since we handle the best rates for Top-ups to Cuba and in an easy and safe way. In addition, with us you can send recharges Nauta, Cubacel mobile, landline, make calls and send SMS.

It should be noted that the most important thing for us is for you to stay connected and promote family union no matter where in the world you are.

Know how to send Internet Nauta top-ups to Cuba

To use the Internet in Cuba, users must receive Nauta top-ups in their temporary or permanent accounts, and most importantly, they must have balance available.

Taking this into account, if you want to send Nauta top-ups from abroad, you are going to need the international email asociated with the Nauta account that ends at

Next, we will tell you how to top-up to Cuba with Hablax:

  • To start, access the second option from the main menu: «Send recharge».
  • Secondly, select the destination country of the recharge. in this case, Cuba.
  • Next, select the Service you want to recharge: Nauta / Wifi.
  • To continue, enter the email address of the account owner. Example: [email protected]
  • Once this process is completed, select the amount to send and press «Pay Now».
  • Finally, choose the payment method of your preference and complete the payment process so that your recharge is sent successfully.

Send top-ups to Cuba paying with our payment methods

With Hablax, accessing our services is very easy. Therefore, we offer you a catalog of conventional and alternative payments.

On the one hand, there are conventional payments such as payments by credit or debit cards through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, among others. Also, you can make payments through PayPal.

On the other hand, we have alternative payment methods such as bank transfer, cash payments, prepaid card payments or cryptocurrencies.

To know everything about our payment methods click here.

With Hablax you have more

In order for you to enjoy good communication, we invite you to download the Hablax app that you will find in the AppStore and PlayStore or if you wish, you can access our services from the website.

Remember that with us you can not only send top-ups to Cuba but also you can enjoy international calls with optimal quality. Additionally, we do not round the minute, nor do we charge the ringing or disconnection of the call.

And last but not least, receive bonuses for being part of this incredible family so that you are more connected than ever with your loved ones. If you add 1 USD in call funds for first time, you receive a bonus of 2.50 USD, and if instead of adding 1 USD, you add 5 USD the first time, your bonus will be an additional 3.50 USD.

Join the Hablax family and get great benefits.

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