Know all our payments methods to make mobile top-ups to any part of the world

Hablax is here so that you can improve communication with your loved ones regardless of distance, offering international calling services, making mobile recharges or even sending SMS.

In order for you to enjoy our services to the fullest, we have implemented multiple conventional or alternative payment methods so that you can easily access to them.

Steps to make mobile top-ups from the Hablax App

Before pointing out these simple steps to make mobile top-ups from anywhere in the world, you must download our Hablax App or complete your registration on our Web Page. Then, start enjoying our services and keep connected with yours anywhere you are.

  1. To begin, locate the main menu where you will find the option «Send Recharge«.
  2. Next, select the destination country of your recharge.
  3. Then, select «Mobile» as the type of recharge or if you are recharging to a country that has another services avaliables to recharge, select the type and enter the details of your recipient.
  4. Once there, select the amount to recharge and press the button «Pay now«.
  5. Finally, choose the payment method that best suits you and complete the transaction process by filling the requested fields and continue until your payment is successful.

Remember that you can make all the recharges you want before managing your payment by pressing the «Add Another» button.

Learn about our traditional payment methods

For Hablax it is essential to provide a service of high quality but must af all, with accesibility to all our clients around the world. For that reason, we provide all the traditional payment methods as credit cards, debit cards and also paypal.

To make your payments with credit cards you must select the «card» option after having selected the service you want to use. In that sense, you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

In addition, you can pay with Visa or MasterCard debit cards, as long as you have the basic data to process the transaction and it complies with the authorizations to make payments online.

On the other hand, you can pay the Hablax services through PayPal. To do this, you only have to select the «Paypal» option, this will redirect you to the official page where you must place your data to finalize said payment.

Enjoy Hablax services by paying with our alternative payment methods

Thinking about your needs in the communication matter, and helping you to make mobile top-ups in an easy and safe way, we have implemented in our payment catalog, alternative payment methods such as prepaid cards, bank transfers, cash payments and cryptocurrencies.

That is why we want to detail each of these payments so that you can stay more connected with your loved ones.

Pay for your Hablax services with bank transfer

In search of adapting to new technological trends, we have implemented the possibility of making your payments by bank transfer. These in order that you can make mobile top-ups and international calls easily and with greater security.

Currently, this payment format can be found in countries such as Brasil, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

In Colombia you can process your payments through PSE, which allows you to pay with most Colombian bank accounts.

In case you are in Argentina, you can manage your payments through Banco Santander Río. You also have payments available from Chile through the WepPay mobile and web application.

If you are in Mexico, through the interbank payment system (SPEI) or directly from BBVA Bancomer, Banorte and Santander banks you will be able to make the bank transfers.

Finally, in Peru you can make your payments from PagoEfectivo. This will allow you to pay through BBVA Continental, BCP, Interbank and many other options.

Pay in cash to make mobile top-ups and international calls

Currently in Latin American countries it is allowed to make your payments in cash through collection points such as pharmacies, supermarkets or wineries.

On the one hand, if you are in Colombia you can manage your cash payments at Efecty points, ballot, among others. Also, you can use the Boleto Bancario to pay for all our services from Brazil.

Additionally, from Ecuador or Peru, we offer you the possibility of making payments through Pagoefectivo. This receives your payments in points as correspondent agents or authorized warehouses.

On the other hand, if you are interested in making mobile recharges or international calls from Argentina, make your payments from PagoFacil or RapiPago. Also from Chile you can pay at any ServiPag establishment.

Finally, from Mexico you can make your payments in Oxxo stores so that you do not stop being in contact with yours. In case you are in Uruguay pay in cash through RedPagos and Abitab with the code provided previously.

Connect with yours and pay through prepaid cards

One of the last options that you will find in this cocktail of payment methods, is through prepaid cards, this is an alternative in case you cannot obtain a bank account.

This type of payment can be found in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, among others.

In addition, in countries such as Mexico you can use Flink cards, in Chile you can make your payments with the Mach prepaid card and in Uruguay you have Prex card payments at your disposal.

Enjoy our communication services by paying with Cryptocurrencies

Finally, we also provide the way to pay with cryptocurrency. This type of payment is responsible for managing transactions through an encryption method that provides greater security.

For this reason, we accept almost all the virtual currencies in the market, without neglecting that each of these comply with some limits of amounts for payments.

To complete your payment with cryptocurrency, you only have to select the option «crypto» and once there, choose the currency of your preference. Then, you will immediately receive an email to complete the payment with the wallet data.

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