Recharge to MTN Nigeria Cell phones is Easy and Cheap

You can Recharge to MTN Nigeria Cell phones very easy with Hablax, using our Mobile App or from our Web Site. In addition, we always keep checking our rates to offer you economy when using our services.

From Hablax, you not only can recharge to MTN Nigeria but almost every operator in that country and around the world.

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How can you recharge to MTN Nigeria Cell phones with the Hablax APP?

As we are telling you, recharge to MTN Nigeria is very easy.

First, you have to download the App that is avaliable for Android and iOS. Download Hablax App Here.

The, just follow these few steps and your recharge will be sent in few minutes:

  • To start, get into the App and find the Menu in the inferior part of the display.
  • To continue, select the second option «Send Recharge».
  • Now, choose the country that you want to send the recharge to, in this case «Nigeria».
  • Then, introduce the number you want to recharge and press the button to validate.
  • Select the amount of balance you want to send and choose the payment method of your preference.
  • Once your payment is approved, the recharge will be sent.

How can you recharge to Nigeria from your PC?

If you do not want to download the App, do not have a smart phone or considerate easier to do the recharge using your PC, you can do it from your account in our Web Site.

Just get into your account and find the Menu in the superior part of the display. Then, select the option «Send Recharge» and follow the same steps than in the App.

Our payment methods

Now you know how to make the recharge, let us tell you how can you pay.

We have a lot of payment methods at your disposal. First, you can pay your Recharge to MTN Nigeria with most credit cards VISA and Mastercard including Giftcards or prepaid cards. Also, you can use American Express and DISCOVER. 

In addition, you can pay with Paypal or Criptocurrencies. And if you are in Brazil, Colombia or Peru, you can pay in cash.

If you want to know more about our services, visit our Blog.

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