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Recharge cell phones to Ethiopia and stay close to your loved ones


Hablax’s main objective is to shorten distances, providing communication services at the best rates, and for this we provide an easy and simple way for you to recharge cell phones to Ethiopia. 

Similarly, you can make international calls and send text messages through our mobile application or if you wish, you can do it from your PC through our website.

Enjoy good communication and recharge cell phones to Ethiopia through Hablax

We understand how important it is for you to always be in contact with your friends and family who are in different parts of the world and that is why sending mobile recharges is a good way to enjoy different modes of communication.

Therefore, follow these few steps to successfully recharge using Hablax.

  1. To start, once you complete your registration, enter the platform.
  2. Second, locate the second option «Send Recharge» in the main menu.
  3. Once there, select the destination country of your recharge. In this case, Ethiopia.
  4. Next, select the type of recharge you are going to do, like Mobile.
  5. Then, choose the amount you will send and press the option “Pay Now”.
  6. Finally, select the payment method that best suits you and just wait until your loved one in Ethiopia receives your recharge.

Remember that you can allocate all the recharges you want before managing your payment. In that sense, all you have to do is select the option «Add Another«.

Find out about the different payment methods that Hablax puts at your disposal

Currently we have a whole cocktail of payment methods that you can manage online easily and above all, safe.

In this way, offering you the best rates and payment facilities is part of our mission, which commits us to seek new ways every day and make them known to you.

Recharge cell phones to Ethiopia paying by card

Make your payment for all Hablax services in a conventional way with credit or debit cards.

In this case, you can send mobile top-ups by paying with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER and many more.

All you have to do is select the «Card» option in the payment catalog, introduce all the card information and manage the transaction for it to be successful.

Enjoy Hablax services paying with PayPal accounts

A good way to make your payments for the recharges, calls and SMS of Hablax is through your PayPal account.

To make your payment by this means you must select the option «PayPal». Then, Hablax will redirect you to its main page so that you fill in the requested fields and complete your transaction.

Once your payment is effective, your recharge to your loved one will be sent in a few seconds.

Use Cryptocurrencies to pay for your Hablax services

Finally, as a last alternative we have a virtual payment model that allows you to make your payments through cryptocurrencies.

This, is a type of payment that is made by the best-known virtual currencies on the market and performs transactions through a cryptographic system to certify that the transactions meet high security standards.

Get to know Hablax services

Hablax has to offer you not only mobile top-ups but also international calls and SMS sending, with excellent quality, as if it were a local call.

In addition, you can also add funds with the payment methods mentioned above from the comfort of your home.

For this reason and much more, Hablax is the best option for you to keep in constant communication with your loved ones, regardless of distance.

To know more about our services, click here.

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