How to pay with bitcoin an international mobile recharge?

Do you know how to pay with Bitcoin an International Mobile Recharge?

In Hablax we offer different forms of payment for you to enjoy our services. In our platform it is very easy to pay with bitcoin an International Mobile Recharge to any country.

By simply entering our APP, you can send an online recharge to your family or friends’ mobile phones, quickly and safely by paying with bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrencies available in the market.

Also, remember that we also have the service of international phone calls and text messages to communicate easily and from where you are.

What are cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. That is, they are a digital medium of exchange, which uses cryptography to control and securely manage transactions between users.

Different studies explain the growing number of users of virtual currencies in the world, where the payment of services and products using virtual purses increases every day.

Therefore, depending on providing you with a fast and easy service, our platform puts at your disposal the use Bitcoin and the best known Cryptocurrencies to facilitate payment methods.

Make an International Mobile Recharge to any country

A mobile recharge allows your loved ones to communicate with you and whomever they wish. Therefore, from Hablax we have proposed to facilitate communication between people around the world, making this and other services available by simply entering our our website or APP.

It is important to remember that you can only send mobile recharges to mobile phones with prepaid accounts. To know details of how to make your recharges from wherever you are, click Here.

How to pay with Bitcoin an International Mobile Recharge?

To pay with Bitcoin an International Mobile Recharge, you just have to join our website or download our APP and follow the steps below:

  • Enter our panel and select Send Recharges.
  • Next, select the country whose cell phone you will recharge.
  • To continue, select the service: Cellular.
  • Then, enter the phone number you want to recharge. Remember that you should not place the country code since the app places it by default.
  • Press the validate button mto validate the number and then select the amount to be recharged. Then, Add Recharge.
  • Once your recharge is added to the cart and you can Add Another or Pay Now and indicate the payment method.
  • Next, select Cryptocurrency as the payment method.
  • Then, the details of your purchase will appear and you must select Make Payment.
  • The next step, is to select Bitcoin or your trusted Cryptocurrency, enter your details and select Complete order.
  • You will receive an email in your mailbox with the details for the payment of the transaction in your wallet.
  • Complete the payment.
  • Your balance will be added to your account.

Check other payment methods available Here.

To know more about Bitcoin, check out their official website.

Make International Phone Calls

Remember that Hablax offers you international calls with the quality of a local call in all your international calls without Internet interruptions, we also do not charge you for  the whole minute at the end, we bill in increments of 30 seconds and our services are cheaper than local operators.

Here you can see all the countries from which you can call in North America, Europe and Latin America.


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