Make calls and top-ups to Cuba through Hablax

With Hablax you can make calls and top-ups to Cuba through our platforms from anywhere in the world paying with our extensive catalog of payment that we put at your disposal.

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Learn how to make calls and top-ups to Cuba with Hablax

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the main mission of Hablax is to shorten distances thanks to communication services, with excellent quality, unique rates and incredible promotions so that you can have the best experience.

In addition, Hablax has the ability to adapt to new technological trends and at the same time motivates us to commit ourselves more and more every day.

Next, we will tell you how to communicate with your loved ones through calls and recharges to Cuba in an easy and simple way.

Steps to make calls to Cuba

In this part of this article, we want to explain step by step how to make international calls to Cuba from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia and many more Latin American countries.

  • To start, go to the main menu and select «Add funds for calls and SMS«
  • Then, enter the value to add and select the payment method of your preference. Once your payment is approved you will see your new balance reflected in your user.
  • To continue, go to the numeric keyboard located at the bottom of the App or the numeric keyboard of your fixed or mobile device.
  • If you are going to make your call from the App, you must digitize the number to which you want to communicate accompanied by the country code.
  • Otherwise, if you are going to make your call to Cuba from your landline or cell phone, you must dial the local access number assigned by Hablax.
  • Select option 1 twice to receive the information in Spanish and activate the calling option.
  • Next, you must dial the number to which you want to communicate in the following format: 011 + country code + telephone number and + number key (#).
  • To finish, press the call button in any of the two options and it will be linked to a local quality.

Remember that before making your calls you must confirm if the country where you are has the local access number assigned with Hablax.

Check here.

Steps to send mobile recharges with Hablax

One of the best options to communicate with the islanders you miss the most is by sending mobile recharges.

Which allow you to activate mobile data, surf the Internet, make video calls through Apps or even increase minutes with promotions.

Follow these easy steps to send recharges.

  1. First, locate the main menu and select the second option «send recharge«
  2. Once there, select the country to which you are going to assign the recharge. Cuba
  3. Next, enter the contact details where you are going to send your call and continue with the verification of the same.
  4. Finally, select the payment method from the wide catalog that best suits you and process it. At the end of the process your recharge will be sent in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind, thanks to our recharge system, you can assign one or more recharges before managing your payment.

If applicable, select «Add another» and resume the steps to carry out your recharges.

How to be part of Hablax?

Now that you know in detail how to make calls and recharges to Cuba comfortably with Hablax we invite you to complete your registration through our portals.

On the one hand, you can register through the mobile application, download it from your paystore or Appstore.

Or if you want you can complete your registration to Hablax through the web portal where you can find everything in detail about our communication services.

Learn about all the benefits that Hablax has for you at

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