Send an Ethio Telecom top-up from anywhere and help your family stay connected

Now with Hablax, you can send an Ethio Telecom top-up so you can have more forms of communication from anywhere in the world using our mobile application or from the website.

Our mission is to kepp you connected with your family regardless of the distance between you and them, which motivates us to look for new ways and alliances that allow you to help yours. We also have multiple payment methods that you can use when accessing our services.

How to send an Ethio Telecom top-up?

In order to send a Ethio Telecom top-up, you must log in to our application and follow the steps below.

  1. First, select the option «Send Recharge» in the main menu of the platform.
  2. Second, choose the country to which you want to send your recharge, in this case, Ethiopia.
  3. Next, select «Mobile» as the type of recharge and enter the number to which you will allocate your recharge. Omit the country code, since it is automatically placed on your device.
  4. Next, you must select the value to send and press the «Pay Now» option
  5. Finally, you have to select the payment method of your preference and once this is approved, your recharge will be sent to your family member.

Don’t forget that you can allocate more than one recharge before managing the transaction by pressing the «Add Another» button.

If you are interested in knowing all the payment methods that Hablax offers, enter here.

Hablax wants to give you more

In Hablax, we like to offer you the best so we adapt to new technological trends to make it possible.

The first thing we want you to know is about our payment methods like credit card, debit card, PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

Currently, we have more forms of payment that we provide depending on the country where you are located, as bank transfers and cash.

On the other hand, the first time you recharge credit for your calls, we will give you 2.50 or 3.50 USD.

And if that is not enough, if you recommend us with your friends and family, we will also give you a bonus of 3.50 USD after the first purchase of the person you refered.

Communicate with excellence through Hablax!

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