Send Top-ups or SMS from India to any part of the world and pay with bank transfer or many other payment methods Hablax offers

With Hablax, send Top-ups or SMS from India to your loved ones around the world.

Bearing in mind that our objective, which is to always be able to communicate with your loved ones, we have implemented strategies that allow you to live the best communication experience regardless of the distance.

In this way, Hablax brings you a large number of 100% Online payment methods so that you can enjoy our services to the fullest.

Enjoy our services and paying by bank transfer

In order for you to be able to access all of our communication services, Hablax wants to tell you about the alternatives you have when paying by bank transfer geared towards your needs.

With this in mind, if you are in India you can process your payments through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and Netbanking.

All you have to do is select «Banking» within the payment method options. Once there, choose the bank identity of your preference and follow the instructions to finalize the transaction.

To learn about our payment methods click here.

How to send Top-ups or SMS from India with Hablax?

Before showing you step by step how to carry out these processes easily, we want to invite you to be part of the Hablax family by registering on our platforms either from the App or from the web.

Keep in mind that if you want to do it from the App you will find it available for Android and iOS devices or if you want to do it from your PC you must enter

Once you complete this first part, follow these simple steps.

Make mobile top-ups anywhere in the world from India

  • To begin, enter the main menu and select the option «Send Recharge«
  • Then, you must choose the destination country where you are going to send your recharge.
  • Once there, select the type of services to recharge. Cellular. Remember that in some countries we give you more options of services that you can recharge your family members.
  • Then, press the option «pay now» to proceed with the payment. Or if you want you can add more recharges by pressing «Add Another» and carry out the steps indicated above
  • Finally, you will have the payment methods section in view and you must choose the one of your preference.

Once your payment is approved and is reflected in our system, your recharge will be sent to your friend or family member in a couple of minutes.

Steps to send SMS through Hablax

It is important that you know that SMS have a cost that varies depending on the destination country and the mobile operator. In this sense, you can verify the cost of each SMS on our website in the Rates section.

  1. First, access the option: Send SMS, at the bottom of the main screen of the app.
  2. Second, select the button in the upper right to start a new SMS.
  3. Third, select the destination country to which you will send the SMS. When you select the country, the app automatically places the code for that country.
  4. Next, enter the phone number to which you will send the SMS. Remember that you should not enter the country code since the app places it by default.
  5. Next, enter the text or SMS message to send. In this sense, you will have 160 characters per message if the person does not have the app. If the person has Hablax, the app will behave like an instant messaging system and will allow you to send up to 230 characters per message.
  6. Finally, press the «Send» button and your SMS will reach its destination.

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