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Send mobile top-ups from Brazil to anywhere in the world


At Hablax, you can carry out mobile top-ups from Brazil in an easy and safe way, to wherever you want. Here, we will tell you how to do it.

Due to studies carried out, the Hablax communication system with an excellent quality is implemented in Brazil, for those who are kilometers away from their loved ones.

In addition, you can enjoy all the services by paying with different payment methods that Hablax brings to you.

How to send mobile top-ups from Brazil to your loved ones

If you live in Brazil and be interested in recharging moiles for your friends or family, we will tell you in a few steps how to do it through our portals.

To start, we recommend you register by downloading the Mobile App available on the PlayStore and AppStore, or through any PC device from our Web Portal.

Once this process is complete, follow these short steps to complete your recharge from Brazil easily and quickly.

  • To begin, select the second option from the menu, «Send Recharge«.
  • Second, select the destination country of your recharge.
  • Right away, select the service to recharge and enter the number of the recipient. 
  • To finish, select the payment method that fits better for you and process your payment.
  • As a result, once your order is successful, your recharge will be sent to that one you love so much.

It is important to note that it is not necessary to include the country code, because our system does it automatically.

Learn about the payment methods available in Brazil to access Hablax services

To start, we want to inform you that you can pay your mobile top-ups from Brazil with standard payment methods.

In that sense, we make credit or debit card payments available to you, for which you only have to enter the data you use.

We recommend that you verify that your Visa or MasterCard debit cards have the permissions to manage online payments and have all the required information such as security code and postal code.

On the other hand, payments are available through PayPal, in this case, it will be responsible for redirecting to the paypal main portal and once there, you only have to enter your data to complete the address.

Enjoy all Hablax services paying with Boleto Bancario

In Brazil, as in many countries, it finds a number of people who do not have bank accounts and must resort to other means to access Hablax services.

Therefore, we bring the cash payment that you can manage through Boleto Bancario, it is designed to make online payments at collection points.

In this sense, give the code sent to your email to the attendant in the collection point and you will be able to pay in Brazilian Reales. Start enjoying our services and learn a detail about the Boleto Bancario.

Pay for Hablax services with prepaid cards

Looking for alternatives for the comfort of our users, we have implemented the possibility of making your payments through prepaid cards.

This is the case of Acceso, a prepaid card that can be recharged through stores and supermarkets that have authorized its transactions.

It is important, to clarify that with this card it is not necessary to have a bank account and it is supported by MasterCard, which allows transactions to be made online or in cash.

Pay your mobile top-ups from Brazil through Bank Transfer

Access our services and stay in touch with your loved ones by paying with bank transfer at Banco Do Brazil, Itaú, Bradesco, among others.

In this case, all you have to do is select the option from the menu that says «Banking». Then, select the logo of the bank of your choice.

This will open its corresponding site to end the process with the data request.

Enjoy everything that Hablax has for you paying with cryptocurrencies

Finally, we offer you the possibility of paying your mobile top-ups from Brazil with cryptocurrencies.

This being a virtual currency, created thanks to a computerized code and an encryption system in order to give you more security.

In this way, if you are interested in making your payment through a virtual currency, all you have to do is click the «Crypto» option in the payment catalog and follow the procedure to end the recharge.

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