Send cellphone recharges to more than 100 countries.

You can now send cell phone recharges to over 100 countries using Hablax. To facilitate the process of topups on our platform we have implemented a new streamlined and user-friendly version. This new platform is offered in a wizard format to guide you through the process to perform a successful recharge. During the recharge process you will find the Help and Go Back buttons for your convenience. This new recharge process consists of a series of stages which we present below:
  1. Select the destination country.
  1. Choose the type of recharge (Cellphone or Nauta)
  1. Place the phone number you want to recharge, «cellphone or e-mail address» if you choose to recharge Nauta.
  1. Select the amount you want to recharge and then press the Add Recharge button.
  1. The assistant will report that the recharge «has been added to the cart» and ask if you want to add another recharge or pay now.
  1. In this final phase of the process the wizard will ask you how you would like pay offering the options of: Card Payment or Paypal.
Send your recharge today:

special to call and send sms to cuba

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