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Resell Mobile Recharges to Cuba and Increase your Profits


Resell mobile recharges to Cuba with our allied company Innoverit and get a profitable business by offering people to stay connected with their loved ones, in a simple and economical way.

The mobile recharges consist of sending balance to the different cell phones or internet lines of people living in Cuba. There are more than 5 million registered mobile lines, of which more than half are kept with top-ups from abroad.

Innoverit facilitates all of the cell phone and  Nauta internet recharge services to Cuba, placing a platform that offers payment and telecommunications services. This platform will give you the opportunity to start a new business or generate new services for your customers, significantly increasing your profits.

To know more about this new opportunity and generate income, becoming a reseller of all our services to the island, you just have to complete the following form and a member of our allied team will contact you.

Why, if you resell mobile recharges to Cuba, you will get a profitable business?

The Innoverit platform and our portfolio of services will help you create a profitable business; in view of the high demand of people who constantly need to communicate with their relatives in Cuba.

In addition, Etecsa, which is the Telecommunications Company of Cuba, offers quite frequently, minutes or messages and double or triple recharge promotional bonuses, with each recharge, which will double the value of your service and significantly increase sales traffic.

If on the contrary you already have a business, you will be able to obtain new clients by offering a new portfolio of services, just by having a computer and an internet connection.

How consolidated the business?

Innoverit offers you two platforms, which will allow you to choose the route that best suits your requirements; it makes it easier for you to send recharges in bulk to the end users indicated by your customers. It also allows you to verify transactions and keep abreast of all operations.

Discover the benefits of these friendly platforms Here

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