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Recharge Airtel, MTN or Zamtel in Zambia from any part of the world


Did you know that you can recharge Airtel, MTN, Zamtel and even send Vodafone or Liquid Telecom Bundles with Hablax from any country you are in? You are right! With Hablax you can send your cell recharges to Zambia by paying with any of our variety of payment methods and in your local currency.

To recharge Airtel or any operator in Zambia, just download the app and complete your registration.

Download the Hablax app Here

Additionally, we also offer you other services so that you are always connected to yours. In this way, with our app you can also make international calls and send text messages worldwide.

It is important you know that you can only make calls from countries that have an access number, since our call uses this system to provide excellent quality at very low prices. Get to know the countries from which you can make calls by consulting the access numbers on our Website.

How can I recharge Airtel or any other operator?

To send credit to any operator in Zambia, you just have to access the app in the lower menu and locate the second option “Send Recharge”.

Then, complete the following steps to finish the recharge:

  • Choose the recharge destination country, in this case “Zambia”.
  • Indicates the service to recharge.
  • After selecting the “Mobile” option to recharge a cell phone, then you must indicate the number to recharge. Omit the country code because the app already places by default.
  • Finally, choose the payment method of your choice and complete your payment.
  • Your recharge will be sent once your payment is approved.

You can pay with most Visa or Mastercard credit cards. You can also pay with American Express and Discover cards. In addition, if you have a PayPal account you can make your payments with it.

We also accept payments with the most important cryptocurrencies. Learn how to pay with cryptocurrencies Here

If you are in Colombia, Brazil and Peru you can make your payments in cash.

Hablax offers you so much more

Our philosophy is to communicate more and more people in the world and for this, Hablax offers promotions and benefits that help you save and earn credits to keep in touch with yours.

First, we offer you our welcome bonuses. The first time you recharge credit for calls, we will give you USD 2.50 or 3.50 depending on the amount you recharge.

In addition, you can earn a bonus by referring a friend if you are already a consumer customer of Hablax. For this, you must have only consumed at least once and your referred friend must also make his first recharge. In this way, both get bonuses!

And if that were not enough, we want you to know that in Hablax we do not charge the ringing or disconnection of the call and additionally, we do not round up after 60 seconds, which will save you at least a minute and a half of the call.

Communicate with Excellence through Hablax!

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