Pay your mobile top-ups from Africa with bitcoins

At Hablax, we focus on providing the best communication service regardless of distance, so that you can make mobile top-ups from Africa at incredible rates.

In the same way, we remain at the forefront of new technological trends that allow us to expand our payment methods, in such a way that we can provide you with easier access to services.

For this reason, we want to tell you how you can pay through Bitcoin or any digital currency available in the market, this being a fast and secure payment option.

Know a little about cryptocurrencies

In Africa the use of cryptocurrencies has been increasing as technology has begun to be part of the daily life of Africans.

Different studies explain the growing number of users of virtual currencies and their application in various types of businesses that have been implemented in order to provide a faster and more efficient service.

This payment method is a 100% digital means that uses cryptography to control and manage any type of transaction through this means in a highly secure way.

For this reason, in Hablax we have implemented this method, to provide you with a reliable service through Bitcoin and the most popular Cryptocurrencies, in order to facilitate payment methods.

How to pay with Bitcoin for your mobile top-ups from Africa?

  • To start, go to the main panel and select the option «Send Recharge».
  • Next, choose the destination country for your recharge and the service. Cellular.
  • Next, digitize the number you want to recharge. Do not forget that the country code is by default on our platform and you should not add it.
  • Then, select the value to recharge and press the button «Pay Now».
  • Once your recharge is added to the cart, you can add another by pressing «Add Another«. Or continue with the payment process in “pay Now”.
  • Later, the payment catalog will be enabled and you can select «Crypto«
  • Once there, the details of your purchase will appear and you must select «Make Payment».
  • Finally, you will receive an email in your mailbox with the details for the payment of the transaction in your wallet

When your payment is completed, your recharge will be sent in a matter of minutes.

Remember that we have a great variety of payment methods that you can learn about in the following link.

Enjoy excellent communication through Hablax

Now that you know how to make mobile top-ups from Africa and how to pay through Bitcoin.

we want to invite you to complete your registration with Hablax.

Download the Hablax App available for Android and iOS.

Or if you prefer you can be part of the Hablax family by completing your username on the web portal.

Finally, learn about all the services and the different ways that Hablax offers your partners with the best benefits at

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