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Make International calls from Europe with Hablax

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Now that we are living a pandemic, and have to stay at home, Hablax wants to keep you connected with your love ones by allow you to make international calls from Europe.

But first of all, we have to let you know that our call connects through an access number to bring you an excellent quality of call. That number is not available in all countries, even when we are working in provide the service around the world other way soon.

But right now, the service is just available in some countries. Then, we are going to show you from which parts of Europe you can use the application to make international calls and how to do it.

Discover from which countries in Europe you can call with Hablax

If you are living in a country in Europe that has the local access number assigned by Hablax, you can make international calls anywhere.

Currently in Europe you can use this service in: Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In case you are not in the mentioned countries, we invite you to be aware of your email, since soon we will be announcing new ways to call through our App.

How to make international calls with Hablax?

Currently, we have two ways to make international calls through Hablax. The first is through our app on your smart mobile device. Only access the keyboard after logging in and digitize the country code and then the destination number.

The other way to call is using the local access number of your country through a registered landline or mobile number. Next, we explain in detail how to do it.

  1. To start, check the local access number of your country from our web portal
  2. Next, dial the access number already consulted on your mobile device and press the call button of your landline or mobile.
  3. To continue, select option 2 to receive all the options in English.
  4. Next, select option 1 again to enter the destination number as follows: 011 + country code + phone number + number key (#).
  5. Finally, your call will be linked to the person on the other end of the phone as a local call.

How to add funds to make international calls with Hablax

Remember that before communicating with your loved ones it is important that you verify you have enough balance. This way, you do not have disconnection problems when you are in a good conversation with your loved ones.

  • To start, go to the mobile or web portal and select the option “funds for calls and SMS”
  • At this point, select the value to add, which will enable the payment catalog.
  • To finish, select the payment method that best suits you and carry out the step by step to finalize with the transaction.

Do not forget that you can make your payments through credit, debit cards, also by paypal or even with alternative payment methods such as visa or mastercard giftcards or cryptocurrencies.

To know everything about payment methods click here.

Join Hablax and fully enjoy the benefits we have for you

For us it is essential that you can always be in communication with the people you love the most, regardless of whether they are miles from you.

Therefore, we have several types of bonuses at the time you finish registering with us and decide to take advantage of Hablax services.

On one hand, you will get a package of 10 SMS totally free instantly when you complete the registration process.

Additionally, for the first time you add $ 1 you receive a bonus of $ 2.50, but if you decide to add $ 5 instead of $ 1, you can receive up to an additional $ 3.50.

Finally, we have a team of highly trained customer service agents to help you resolve any queries and concerns, therefore, you can access them by online chat and email 24/7. Also, you can do it by telephone from 10am to 11pm Miami Time.

Connect with excellency through Hablax.

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