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How to send a recharge to Movistar Spain with Hablax


Recharge Movistar Spain through Hablax from the comfort of your home paying with different payment methods so that you can enjoy our services as much as possible.

Recharge to Movistar Spain comfortably through Hablax

Did you know that with Hablax you can send different types o Movistar recharges such as telephony, Internet and TV?

To enjoy any of these services in recharge to Movistar Spain we recommend you download the Mobile App, which you will find in the PlayStore or AppStore, or if you wish you can do it from your PC by entering the web portal.

Now you can send balance in a simple and easy way in a few steps

  • To start, in the main panel select the option “Send recharge
  • Then, select the destination of your recharge. In this case Spain.
  • Subsequently, select the type of recharge to perform already mentioned.
  • To continue, enter the requested data to complete the recharge.
  • Finally, select the payment method that is easiest for you and complete the transaction as requested.

Your recharge will be sent once the payment is reflected in our system.

Keep in mind, that you can do this process and send your recharges as many times as you want before making payment by pressing the «add another» button.

What are the payment methods available to send recharges with hablax?

Recharge Movistar Spain using any of our payment methods: Credit or Debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, prepaid cards or the different virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies that are on the market.

 The first of them, Credit or debit cards, you will find them in the «card» option in our catalog. Remember that you must have the permissions to manage online payments.

On the other hand, you can make your payments through PayPal through its web portal. You can find this in the “PayPal” option and all you have to do is follow the steps.

In case you want to send your recharge to Movistar Spain paying by prepaid card, you must do it according to the country in which you are. Learn more here.

Finally, you can pay for top-ups with cryptocurrencies, in the «crypto» option.

At Hablax we have a technical support team for your questions and concerns

For us it is essential to provide a quality service so that you can have the best experience with yours.

That is why we have a trained support team to provide the best customer service attention and thus provide their support in the best way.

To access them, you just have to enter our platform and select the «Help» option. There you will find three options: Online chat, email or call.

Finally, select the one that best suits you and enjoy good service.

Remember that these channels are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Visit us at , find out about all the benefits we have for you. And it recharge to Movistar Spain without limits.

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