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Hablax offers first time callers a $2.50 bonus

hablax calling specials

International Calls Special

Add $ 1 of credit for first-time calls and you’ll receive an additional $ 2.50 free to make calls to any country in the world, a total balance of $3.50 for just $1. If you have not called international using Hablax you should try us today. Our international connection is direct and has the quality of a local call. You will only pay for the time consumed in seconds since we do not round to the minute nor we have charges for connection, disconnection, or ring, in addition, your balance does not expire. This offer is only for customers who have never called using our services before.

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We invite you to download our App from where you can call, recharge and send SMS to the whole world, all under one platform. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions on this, our first version.

descarga el app de hablaxdescarga el app de hablax

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