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Hablax introduces Speed Dial to Cuba and Addition of Funds via Access Numbers

hablax speed dial

Setting up Speed Dial in Hablax

Are you taking advantage of the benefits of using our Speed Dial? With this option you can save your contacts with name and phone number in your user profile and then call them from your phone just dial 3 numbers after calling our access number.
How does this option work?
1. Once inside your Hablax account go to Menu and click on the Quick Dial button.
2. You have spaces from 1 to 8. In space 1 place your first contact and phone number in this format: 0115352933077, do not put the number sign at the end.
3. Once you have saved your contacts, you should call your access number from your phone, when the Hablax voice menu comes out, follow the steps below.
4. Press 1 for Spanish.
5. Press 3 for Speed Dial.
6. Then press the number where I placed your contact from 1 to 8.

How to Add Funds using our IVR Menu

Once you have a payment card stored in your profile you can call our access number and add funds for calls and SMS. After making your transaction using this system you can make your call without having to hang up. You do not have to enter the internet, everything will automatically do it from your phone by calling our access number.
How exactly does it work?
1. Dial your access number depending on the country where you live, the list of numbers will be found at the end of this email.
2. Press 1 for Spanish.
3. Press 4 to add balance and then follow the instructions in the voice menu to complete your transaction.
* It is important to mention that in order to use this system you must have a card already stored on our page. The cards are saved using the maximum possible encryption for your safety and ours.
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