Cubacel cellphone recharge special

A New Cubacel recharge special is arriving!

Arriving is a new cellphone recharge special for Cuba, from the 2nd until the 7th of April 2018. The amount of the recharge will be added to the main balance of the user recharged and the bonus will be added to a bonus depending on the recharge amount sent. The principal balance expires in 330 days; for the bonus expiration date please check below. To consult the balance the person in Cuba must dial *222# from his/her cell phone, to consult the bonus they must dial *222*266#. This special is only for Cubacel recharges, does not apply to Nauta Wi-Fi recharges.

How much do I send and how much they receive?

  • Send 20 CUC and they receive bonus of 60 Mins and 50 SMS.
    Bonus expires on April 30th. SMS bonus cannot be used to send to USA.
  • Send 40 CUC and they receive bonus of  120 Mins and 100 SMS.
    Bonus expires on April 30th. SMS bonus cannot be used to send to USA.

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  1. Tried to down the App but everything is in Spanish!!
    let me know how to down load App in English

  2. Please I sent a recharge to 535 800 5465 ( they still did not receive ) and would correct, you responded quickly that you would correct but sorry to say still no correction can you please check thank you

  3. 535 800 5465 was sent recharge but customer did not receive please respond

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